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Casework involves our office making inquiries to a Provincial Ministry, Agency, Board, or Commission on your behalf to gather information, flag an issue and work towards resolution, or enable contact on your behalf. To protect residents’ privacy, these inquiries cannot be made without your written consent.

If your inquiry turns into casework, you will be required to complete a Case Intake and Consent Form accessed using the button below.

What We Can’t Do

There are certain instances or matters in which our office cannot be involved with your case. A non-exhaustive list is available below:

  • If you are contesting a judicial decision
  • If legal counsel is involved in your matter or becomes involved in your matter
  • If the matter at hand does not involve an Ontario Ministry, Agency, Board, or Commission
  • In certain circumstances, if law enforcement/police are involved

If you believe one or more of the above applies, please let us know before completing a form as we may not be able to offer assistance. We will try to provide next steps/options for you, if applicable.

To complete and sign the form electronically, you will be required to use the free Adobe Reader software available here. Otherwise, you may complete the form in your browser and print to sign (save and submit buttons will not work from your browser). If the link does not work, Right Click -> Save Link As (Chrome) / Right Click -> Save Target As (Internet Explorer)


The first page of the form provides you the space to outline your personal information, provide a description of your problem, outline your desired resolution, and indicate others you have been working with on the matter. The second page provides consent for our office to disclose your information as required for the purposes of your case. You have the option to limit your consent to a specific Ministry if desired. Consent is valid on a per-case basis – if you open a new case with us in the future, you will be required to fill these forms out again.


You may complete the form, print, and scan / send a photo back to us, or complete it electronically using an electronic signature. A valid e-signature carries the same legal significance as a physical one. You may not open a case on behalf of someone else unless you have Power of Attorney or similar decision-making authority. Proof will be required at the time of submission.

DIGITAL: If you have not done so before, the Adobe software will guide you through the process of making an e-signature upon the box being clicked. This should be the last part of the form you complete. You may use the buttons below to save a copy, submit it through your email client, or print a copy for your records. IMPORTANT: If you do not use an email program, such as Outlook or Windows 10 Mail, the submit button will not work. You will need to save the file and attach it through your webmail (i.e. Gmail, Yahoo)

PHYSICAL: If you wish to print the form to complete or sign, you will be required to print using the toolbar option – not the button on page 2.


With your submission or soon after, you will be required to provide us a photo/scan of government-issued photo identification to verify your identity as outlined at the link above. Valid ID includes any 1 (one) document from List 1, OR any 1 (one) document from List 2 and any 1 (one) document from list 3 that together provide your Legal Name, Date of Birth, and Signature. The name/address on the identification must match those provided to our office.